Who we are

RENA Foundation Uganda was founded in 2000 by a diverse group of people that refused to accept that many people in our region are trapped in poverty. The centre of our activities is the area around the fishing community of Mahyoro, as it is the poorest area in our region. We base here to serve the entire Rwenzori Region. We aim to contribute to a healthy, self sustainable community with (self-) sustainable projects in various fields of development.

RENA was initated by Rev.Dr.Fr.Fred Tusingire after the 1996-2001 ADF Rebellion in the Rwenzori Region that left many children and families suffering. As a priest, many needy and orphaned children approached him for assistance. In response, Rwenzori East Neighbors Association (RENA) was born to provide immediate relief and promotion of welfare of the needy families to tackle shortage of food and services.

Over the years, RENA has grown and is fully registered as an NGO. We are governed by the board of directors and we have a small staff because we want to be professional, but don’t want to have much overhead. Do you want to know how we spend our money? We value transparency very much; therefore we encourage you to read our annual report.

Our NGO Registration Number is 9433, S5914/9927


A literate and healthy self-sustainable community within the Rwenzori region.


To improve socio-economic, education and health services and to stimulate tourism in Mahyoro sub-county and ultimately in the Rwenzori region.


  1. To establish an affordable secondary and vocational school with excellent education for the rural poor.
  2. To sponsor needy children in education and health.
  3. To develop a well-equipped and affordable health center III.
  4. To provide tourist accommodation and establish a tour agency.
  5. To start agricultural projects in support of RENA projects.
  6. To ensure a transparent and accountable structure of RENA with a highly qualified and motivated staff.