‘st Theresa’ vocational school

We operate a secondary/ vocational school

Because all our children deserve education to boast their and our countries development.

Support us with equipment and materials

St. Theresa Vocational Secondary School-Mahyoro has a qualified staff in both the National Secondary School Curriculum and Vocational Section. The School is open to everyone irrespective of race, religion or ethnic background for both teachers and students. In admitting students, special attention is given to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) and through RENA Foundation Uganda; they are linked to development partners in Uganda and from developed countries for assistance.

Our holistic approach
Students in classOur school was started so as to uplift the standard of education among the vulnerable communities in the region. Our holistic approach gives opportunities to students to acquire additional skills in vocational training hence, preparing them for a brighter future. Every student at this school goes through the normal Ugandan Secondary Schools’ Curriculum in addition to training in at least one Vocational Subject.

Teaching of Science Subject is given a priority and whenever we do research in the field, we hear again and again from the groups we support that it is as helpful to raise awareness as it is to raise funds. RENA Foundation Uganda recognizes the vital importance of educating people about needs, causes and solutions to improve the understanding of other people.

To boost student’s morale, the School also offers bursaries to bright and talented students at all levels and this has greatly improved the quality of student’s grades at National Examinations.

scholarship programme
RENA Foundation Uganda through its Scholarship Program makes it possible for many young girls and boys to continue their education that otherwise would have dropped out and find themselves married and mothers/fathers at 14, or ill-paid and overworked manual laborers on plantations, or out on the streets risking infection with HIV/AIDS to make a living.

St.Theresa was found in 2006 with funding from Hope Foundation Switzerland. In 2008, Hope Foundation Switzerland in conjunction with Accentus Foundation Switzerland funded the construction of the girls dormitory which is now compete, making it possible for children living further away to attend our school.

Our main focus now is on the boy’s dormitory, library and laboratory.