RENA projects

RENA was founded in 2000 by a diverse group of people that refused to accept that many people in our region are trapped in poverty. The centre of our activities is the area around the fishers village Mahyoro, as it is the poorest area in our region. We are governed by our board of directors. We have a small staff because we want to be professional, but don’t want to have much overhead.

Our projects:

  • ‘st Theresa’ vocational school

    We operate a secondary/ vocational school

    Because all our children deserve education to boast their and our countries development.

    Support us with equipment and materials

  • ‘Good Hope’ health clinic

    We operate the good hope health clinic

    Because everybody deserves access to healthcare

    Support us with equipment and materials

  • support orhpans

    We support orphans and their adopting families with financial means for education

    Because our orphans deserve a fair start in a loving family, with good health and education.

    Help spreading opportunities and sponsor an orphan!

  • agriculture

    We support farmers with support, education, microfinance groups and buying their produce at a fair price

    Because our farmers deserve a way out of the poverty trap

  • tourism

    we develop small scale, sustainable tourism because we want to be donor independend